On August 16, 2014, the Punta Gorda Trademark Metals Recycling (TMR) facility took part in the Punta Gorda Touch-A-Truck event at the Charlotte Harbor Event Center.

At Touch-A-Truck, citizens were able to get up close to the large vehicles they may frequently see on the roadways.  This includes
TMR-Touch-A-Truck-8-2014-trailerbig rigs, fire engines, police cars and construction equipment.  Children had the opportunity to climb into and/or on vehicles and to talk with the drivers.  They learned about the vehicles and pedestrian safety around large vehicles.  Touch-A-Truck provides children with hands-on educational experience about their community and all attendees had a chance to learn more about recycling.   Attendees had a chance to see two TMR trucks – – one with a trailer hauling a conversion van, and a second with an 89-cubic yard MonStar dump trailer.

Trademark Metals Recycling’s culture and philosophy revolves around being good neighbors TMR-Touch-a-Truck-Trailer-with-rolloff
in and giving back to the communities in which we do business.  With 30 scrap metal recycling locations in Florida, TMR buys common household ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal items like appliances, gutters, sheet metal, automobiles, aluminum cans and other aluminum, copper and brass products.  TMR is the largest full service scrap metals recycler in Florida and is wholly owned by The David J. Joseph Company (DJJ).  DJJ is a subsidiary of Nucor Corporation, the largest purchaser of ferrous scrap in North America.